Project Description
NTextile is a lightweight, humane web compatible markup generator. It generates valid XHTML output using simple easy to remember conventions and text characters (a.k.a modifiers), to markup plain text. NTextile is especially useful to provide quick and valid markup for .NET web applications. For e.g. wikis, blogs, online forums, content management systems etc.

This project was inspired by Dean Allen’s original Textile features, as included in the Textpattern content management application.
This guide describes the .NET 2.0 version of NTextile. Please note that it is not a .NET port of Textile, but mimics it in terms of features and operations. Also note that not all of the syntax described in this guide will work on versions other than NTextile.

See Sai Panyam.NET to view the complete and detailed version of the NTextile Reference Manual.

Supported Features

Block Modifiers

  1. Header 1-6
  2. Blockquote
  3. Paragraph
  4. Blockcode
  5. Pre-Formatted
  6. Notextile

Phrase Modifiers

  1. Emphasis
  2. Strong
  3. Citation
  4. Deleted Text
  5. Inserted text
  6. Superscript
  7. Subscript
  8. Span
  9. Bold
  10. Italics

Other Modifiers

  1. Link
  2. Image
  3. Link & Image
  4. Acronym
  5. Numbered List
  6. Bulleted List
  7. Footnote
  8. FootnoteRef


  1. Double Quotes
  2. Single Quotes
  3. Em Dash
  4. En Dash
  5. Dimension
  6. Trademark
  7. Copyright
  8. Registered
  9. Ellipses


  1. Class
  2. Id
  3. Class + Id
  4. Style
  5. Language


  1. Right
  2. Left
  3. Center
  4. Justify

Future Enhancements

  1. Uppercase words of three or more characters are enclosed with a special span element.
  2. Block quotes to include a citation URL immediately following the period.
  3. Padding - Left, Right and Left and Right
  4. Table
  5. Extended Block Modifiers

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